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Bullet Idli, Discover the South Indian Delight at Gokul Oottupura

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Healthy breakfast is synonymous with South Indian cuisine. When you talk about south Indian food, it is incomplete without the yummy delight – idli. 

Off late, Bullet Idli has hit the right cord with South Indian food lovers. Rightly so, this yummy delight is tasty and healthy. You can have it as a healthy breakfast option early morning or dinner at night. 

Bullet idli or coin-shaped idli is easy on the stomach, so preferred by most food lovers. The majority of South Indian restaurants prepare Bullet idlis by using Podi masala. 

Alternatively, Bullet idli is also served plain with sambhar and chutney. Idli is a part of  Kerala cuisine, so you can try this delectable delicacy the next time you have South Indian food at a restaurant. 

If you are bored of traditional white idlis – you can replace these yummy treats in your menu. It should be on your list of foods to try! 


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