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Butter Masala Dosa: A Taste of South India at Gokul Oottupura

butter masala dosa

South Indian cuisine is comforting and easy to digest. South Indian food has become famous worldwide for its simple preparation and flavorful taste.

Whether it is authentic Kerala cuisine or fast food specialties of urban cities, different varieties of south Indian food have become hot picks for foodies.

One such famous South Indian food is butter masala dosa. It is an aromatic and crispy dosa served with potato bhaji and chutney. Butter masala dosa is quite popular in Kochi.

Any pure veg restaurant in Kochi will serve you this delectable delight. Butter masala dosa is a protein-packed and irresistibly delicious South Indian breakfast recipe.

Crispy butter masala dosa or potato crepe is quite addictive and delicious. Once you taste this delight, it will become a favorite dosa on your list. If you are looking for wholesome meal options, you can consider butter masala dosa.

However, to make a home-style butter masala dosa, you will need the right proportion of rice, methi, dal, channa dal, and Poha. The recipe for butter masala dosa can be different depending on the state, but the flavors are similar.

If you happen to visit Kochi, you can have Gokul Oottupura special. Gokul Oottupura is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kochi that offers this yummy delight.

South Indian food, when blended with the right flavors tastes delicious. You can savor the taste of the butter masala dosa on your Kochi tour. A perfect dosa will delight your soul – such is the goodness of its taste.


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