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Gokul Oottupura’s Chilli Cheese Dosa: A Must-Try in Kochi

Fusion food is a part of Indian food now. With the blend of exotic spices and Indian ingredients, people love to dig into fusion foods.

One such popular fusion food is – Chilli Cheese Dosa. This dosa has become a part of South Indian cuisine as most restaurants serve this spicy delight. Kids also enjoy Chilli Cheese Dosa as a popular breakfast or lunch option.

Similar to Chilli Cheese Toast, this dosa is a delectable offering. Instead of having plain dosa, you can choose Chilli Cheese Dosa the next time you visit a pure veg restaurant in Kochi.

Chilli Cheese Dosa is made from lentils and rice – known as cheese crepe. As a different variant, restaurants add veggies to make it more flavorful. Cooked with fresh herbs, chilies, and cheese – it is served with sambhar and chutney. This cheese dosa version beats almost all the fusion dosa combos because of its spicy taste.

If you visit Kochi and wish to have the best Chilli Cheese Dosa in Kochi, you can head to a pure veg restaurant in Kochi. Gokul Oottupura is a popular restaurant in Kochi where the Chilli Cheese Dosa is served as a Gokul Oottupura special.

Most restaurants follow a similar approach to make this yummy dosa. However, the toppings can be different. Also, you can ask for customization of spices and veggies. If you are not a spice person, you can request the restaurant to make it less spicy.

Chilli Cheese Dosa is also a popular street food option for street-food lovers. Apart from the best restaurants, you can savor the dish at street food carts. After all, fusion food items are famous as street foods in India.

How can you miss having Chilli cheese dosa? Challenge your taste buds and have the dosa to relish its delicious taste. Believe us, it will be a different experience for you.


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