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Vegetarian Kizhi Porotta: A Taste of Tradition at Gokul Oottupura

Porotta is the most preferred South Indian food for lunch or breakfast. Veg Kizhi Porotta is a part of Kerala cuisine and a variant of traditional porotta.

Ideally, it is a layered, flat bread made from refined flour. The vegetarian Kizhi Porotta recipe is special as you can use a flavorful mix of shredded vegetables for the stuffing. But what makes this parotta popular is the use of different herbs and spices.

The name Kizhi means tear. The tearing of the porotta before stuffing is what makes this dish unique. After the stuffing is filled in torn porotta, it is then wrapped in a banana leaf. After which, the Veg Kizhi Porotta is cooked on a tawa or hot griddle, though the filling for the porotta varies.

To taste this delectable delight – you can visit the best vegetarian restaurant in Kochi, Gokul Oottupura. Here, you can have it as a Gokul Oottupura special. The many flavors infused in this Veg Kizhi Porotta’s filling – enhance its texture and taste.

As a South Indian food option, you can enjoy Kizhi Porotta as a main course or with raita. Some restaurants also serve the porotta with curry. Most people like Veg Kizhi Porotta’s presentation. It is served fresh on the table (wrapped in banana leaf), and the smell is truly aromatic. Also, it is a dish that will appeal to your senses first.

Overall, Veg Kizhi Porotta is a soul-satisfying dish that combines the layered textures of porotta with yummy fillings, making it an irresistible delight.

You can visit any pure veg restaurant in Kochi for this mouth-watering dish. Plus, it is also a popular choice among street food lovers. You will love the flavors of Veg Kizhi Porotta once you try it.

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