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Vegetarian Kothu Porotta Delight at Gokul Oottupura

kothu porotta

If your favorite dish is idli or dosa in South Indian cuisine, you must try Kothu Porotta. It is the best Tamil Nadu street food you can try and is also part of Kerala cuisine.  

The best vegetarian restaurant in Kochi will serve you this yummy delight. The Kothu porotta name is derived from the word Kothu – which means shred. Porotto is white and flaky bread and once you add vegetables, it becomes Vegetable Porotta. The veg Kothu Porotta recipe is simple – you can make it in minutes.  

The spiced flavors in the recipe make up for a delectable fast food dish. Most people have it as a lunch or dinner as it serves the purpose of one meal. Most restaurants serve the dish with onion raita, but you can have it plain. Kothu Porotta has many variants now. You can cook it with other flavors to enhance its taste.  

If you visit Kochi, you can taste Gokul Oottupura’s special Porotta. It is a favorite among locals, and you will love the flavors. Most restaurants also customize the taste of the Kothu Porotta according to spices. Some make it spicy, and some make it subtle. You can customize the taste when you have one.  

Any pure veg restaurant in Kochi will offer you Vegetable Kothu Porotta with delectable flavors. You must taste this vegetable delight if you love South Indian food. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed and will love its taste. Do try the special Vegetable Kothu Porotta next time you visit Kochi.  


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