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Gothambu Dosa at Gokul Oottupura: A Must-Try Vegetarian Delight in Kochi

Rava Dosa and Sada Dosa are the top two picks in South Indian cuisine. If you want to try a healthy food item in South India, you can try Gothambu Dosa. It is prepared with wheat and rice flour, herbs, and common spices, also known as wheat crepes. Some popular restaurants also add buttermilk, grated carrots, and onions to make it more delicious.

Also, the Gothambu Dosa recipe is a traditional recipe prepared in many South Indian homes. You won’t be able to resist its taste as it’s crisp and addictive. You can have Gothambu Dosa with Podi, chutney, or sambhar. Though, children like to eat it with chutney and added spices. The dosa is a perfect snack for your anytime craving. Most people have it for lunch.

The best part about Gothambu Dosa is that you can prepare it instantly, unlike traditional dosas that require soaking dal and rice. On religious occasions, most people refrain from eating traditional dosas, and these wheat crepes are ideal for those occasions – being light in texture. Moreover, preparing Gothambu Dosa hardly takes time, and you can do it in two steps.

If you visit Kochi, you must taste the best Gothambu Dosa in Kochi. Many restaurants serve this delicious delight, and you can head to a popular pure veg restaurant in Kochi to taste it.

Gokul Oottupura is a popular restaurant in Kochi that serves this dosa as a Gokul Oottupura special. When you visit the place, experience the subtle and perfect taste of Gothambu Dosa.

The golden color of Gothambu Dosa is sure to please your eyes. It is a perfect answer for your hunger pangs. You can have this dosa for breakfast as an option – along with Podi idli.

Many dosa varieties are available today, and you will be spoilt for choice. Do try this flavorful and crispy Gothambu Dosa the next time you visit Kochi.


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