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Peri Peri Idli: A Must-Try Delight at Gokul Oottupura, The Best Veg Restaurant in Kochi

Move over from the traditional Podi idli and taste the goodness of Peri Peri Idli. If you love spices, try this chilly masala idli delight. Peri Peri masala is made from African red Chilli, which can spice up any bland food.

You must have seen Peri Peri masala sprinkled on many fast food varieties. It spices up any food to make it more delectable. Also, you can try the Peri Peri Idli recipe at home the next time you make your idlis. Toss the idlis with Peri Peri masala and enjoy your spicy and tangy idlis.

Peri Peri Idli and Podi Idli are a part of South Indian cuisine. To taste the idlis – you can head to a pure veg restaurant in Kochi. If you visit Kochi, head to Gokul Oottupura restaurant as they serve Peri Peri idli as Gokul Oottupura special. They offer one of the best Peri Peri idlis in Kochi.

Traditional idlis have their place in Kerala cuisine, but fusion food has become a fad now. Restaurants don’t shy away from trying different flavors and combinations to make the dish more interesting. Also, foodies enjoy different fusion delights that satiate their craving for food.

Peri Peri masala is also famous as a seasoning powder, and most people use it to sprinkle on potato wedges. The taste of Peri Peri Idli is filled with the wholesome goodness of chili spice and authentic idli. Different flavors always leave a lasting impression.

If you haven’t tasted Peri Peri Idli yet, it’s time to taste this yummy delight. You can head to the best vegetarian restaurant in Kochi to taste Peri Peri idli.

Trust us, you won’t regret it. It tastes so mouth-watering that it will become your go-to dish. For spice lovers, this dish offers a delectable taste. Do savor the goodness of Peri Peri idli!


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